Masonry Repair in Bloomington

When you need your masonry work repaired, don’t look to masonry repair contractors who will get the job done the fastest, look to a team who will ensure that the problem never happens again. Emerson Masonry Inc is Bloomington’s masonry repair experts.

Cracking, spalling, repointing, and efflorescence are nothing when faced with our careful and dedicated team. They’ll repair your stone, brick, or concrete, so that it looks better than it ever has before.

Best of all, we start the whole process off with a free estimate for services and materials. Give us a call today to find out more—what could be simpler?

Masonry Chimney Repair

Licensed, bonded, and insured, the Emerson Masonry Inc team is always ready to fix up your chimney, so you can continue to use your fireplace safely. Bloomington homes with chimneys look great, but this attractive feature can be dangerous when not looked after properly.

As residential masonry contractors, we are able to repair and rebuild brick, stone, and concrete. Whether you need a few bricks replaced or a ground-up reconstruction, we can help.

Some common problems we address are flashing repairs, crown repairs, and the replacement of steel liners. Invest in professional masonry contractors, and ensure that your chimney and fireplace won’t be causing any problems now or in the future.

Masonry Wall Repair

From stains and cracks to efflorescence and spalling, at Emerson Masonry Inc we’re prepared to tackle large or small masonry repair projects. Using the latest technology, tools, and techniques, we’ll assess the problems your walls are suffering, and go straight to the root.

By working with our team of masonry professionals, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never receive a surface repair. While this method can take a little longer, we’ll be putting in place solutions that will stop the same problem from happening again.

This is especially important for exterior walls, as they play a big part in keep your home upright!

Brick Repointing

Brick repointing goes hand in hand with masonry mortar repair, however it’s something that needs to be addressed primarily before other mortar problems appear.

The “points” of mortar, are the joints at the point of a brick. They are the first to go when the elements become too much, and unfortunately, this leaves bricks vulnerable to water.

Cracks in brick mortar let water seep in, therefore expanding the brick and causing it to flake, crack, and otherwise self-destruct. If you’re uncertain about the mortar on your brick home, it’s best to get Emerson Masonry Inc to take a look at it!

Masonry Services You Can Count On

Stone, brick, and concrete, are all strong materials that can last hundreds of years when maintained well. If you’re lucky enough to be a masonry homeowner in Bloomington, make sure you’ve also got qualified masonry contractors in mind for repairs.

Having worked in the local industry for many years, at Emerson Masonry Inc we’ve got the leading edge because of our artistry, attention to detail, and complete investment in our trade. Give us a call today, we’ll start you off with a free estimate!