Masonry Repair in Columbus

At Emerson Masonry Inc, we may be a smaller team, but that allows us to concentrate our talent into one of the strongest workforces out there. Columbus homeowners who are looking for reliable residential masonry contractors who can assess problems, repair them, and ensure that they never happen again, can count on us for repairs both small and large.

While some masonry repair contractors are out to fix your problems quickly and affordably, we offer competitive rates on work that goes a little deeper. Any masonry can be patched up on the fly and look better, but it takes skill and patience to put measures in place to stop future damage.

If you have questions or want to book an assessment, just give us a call or send us an email today!

We’ll Save Your Masonry Work!

Masonry was made to last for hundreds of years. But nothing truly lasts forever. Whether you’ve purchased an older masonry home or recently commissioned a masonry patio or driveway that wasn’t installed properly, Emerson Masonry Inc can come to the rescue!

There are a variety of problems that can crop up with brick, stone, or concrete. Luckily for Columbus, we’re equipped to handle all of them.

Cracks in Brick Mortar/Brick Repointing

Mortar is always likely to crumble before the brick or stone it’s holding together gives way. Unfortunately, when this happens it causes damage to the brick or stone. In the case of brick, the joints of mortar located at the point of the brick go fastest, meaning you’ll need to invest in repointing.

Concrete Sealing

The majority of concrete installations are finished off with a sealant. While it would be idea if this lasted a lifetime, sealant needs to be reapplied every three to five years ideally.

Masonry Chimney Repair

The last thing you want for your beautiful Columbus home is for your chimney to fall apart. This is both aesthetically unpleasant, and dangerous. If you are a fireplace owner, make sure you plan for yearly visits from Emerson Masonry Inc to check up on your chimney.


Believe it or not, stone stains and yellows easily. What’s not so easy is getting rid of those stains. Fortunately, at Emerson Masonry Inc we have a few methods for masonry restoration to get your stone, brick, or concrete back to its appropriate color.


Have you ever seen bricks or stone covered with a fine white powder? This is a mineral buildup caused by water. It’s a warning sign of further damage, and having it dealt with quickly is important!

At Emerson Masonry Inc, we’re also able to tackle tougher problems such as spalling and other unexpected masonry damage. You can count on us!

Residential Masonry Services Made Simple

No one wants to invest in home repairs, but unfortunately, it’s a necessity if you’re a homeowner. You’re already ahead of the game when you invest in a masonry home. These structures require minimal maintenance when kept up properly.

At Emerson Masonry Inc, we’ll make the maintenance and repair process simple. Give us a call today and get ready to worry about your masonry far less in the future!