Masonry Repair in Indianapolis

Your Ultimate Guide to Masonry Repair in Indianapolis

Most people living in Indianapolis love the thought of the sort of classy elegance that traditional masonry adds to a home. Exposed brick reigns as the most significant trend in home design for the tenth year in a row, it seems. No matter what sort of decor you want in your home, adding the durability and style that brick offers is a wise choice.

Where the choice becomes less appealing, however, is when Indianapolis homeowners realize how much work goes into maintaining that ancient and newly exposed brick. From chimney repair to tuck-pointing, the old world of masonry contains a lot of fascinating subjects. Trying to find a quick tutorial on how to renew the foundation of your retaining wall could lead you down a rabbit hole of watching confusing YouTube videos that answer one question only to pose three more.

Why not skip all the hassle and trust a certified mason for your masonry? It just makes sense. Between buying all the special tools and products—different types of mortar, tuck-pointing tools, a trowel—and the hours of trial and error, you’ll wish you’d just called Emerson Masonry Inc instead.

Repairing a Busted Retaining Wall

If the retaining wall that’s keeping the hill outside your home and your neighbor’s driveway separate has seen better days, it’s tempting to have a go at DIY masonry. However, there’s more to it than picking up some cement and a trowel at your local hardware store.

To correctly build or repair a retaining wall structure, you need to have a good understanding of drainage and how it can affect your home’s foundation. Listen, we’re not out to scare you like some contractors; the odds of your home’s foundation being at risk due to lousy masonry aren’t the highest. But a hurried repair of your retaining wall can lead to more significant repair problems down the line.

Firstly, ask yourself this: is your retaining wall leaning or bulging, or is it only cracked? A cracked retaining wall can be fixed by a contractor with an hour or two of work. But if it is leaning or bulging, that indicates the earth has displaced behind it and is pushing it out.

If that’s the case, you might be better off replacing it with a new retaining wall rather than throwing good money out the window and trying to extend a faulty wall’s life.

Where Can I Find Masonry Repair Near Me?

If you’re a hobbyist looking to talk shop or you’re someone who wants help with repairing the masonry that’s holding up your Indianapolis home, give Emerson Masonry Inc a call. We’re the top masonry contractors in the area because of our commitment to using high-quality materials and putting the customers’ needs above our own.

For the very best in new masonry construction and masonry repair you can get for your dollars, call Emerson Masonry Inc today to get a free quote or to set up an appointment.