Retaining Walls in Indianapolis

Are you considering having a retaining wall on your residential or commercial property in Indianapolis? Or do you have an older, existing retaining wall in need of repair?

Whatever the case, Emerson Masonry Inc is the company you’ve been searching for.

We proudly construct retaining walls of tremendous beauty and strength. Our walls are available in a huge variety of designs and styles, guaranteed to enhance the aesthetic of any landscape.

Emerson Masonry Inc’s highly specialized staff uses only the finest materials to create our retaining walls. We provide easy and rapid installation, and the finished product will be a durable, low-maintenance, and highly attractive landscape feature.

Best of all, Emerson Masonry Inc offers competitive rates and free estimates to Indianapolis customers.

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Retaining Wall Benefits

The terrain of the Indianapolis area is highly varied, from relatively flat terrains to rolling hills. Depending on the intricacies of your property, a retaining wall may be the perfect addition.

A retaining wall, in its most simple form, is a rigid wall separating two distinct soil elevations. While typically installed on a steep, near-vertical slope—however, they offer uniformity and reinforcement to any landscape.

Installing a retaining wall offers a huge array of advantages, both useful and ornamental. The first and most important benefit is to provide structural support. Steep slopes and difficult grades not only make landscaping difficult, but are at risk for soil disruption. A retaining wall will level the soil, expanding usable land and adding huge stability to the landscape.

Retaining walls also provide important and effective drainage. Walls can be built with integrated channels and drainage pipes, which help to prevent flooding and over-saturation. Additionally, by terracing the landscape, water soaks into the soil rather than running off the surface.

A retaining wall, once built, is not only extremely durable but extremely low maintenance. With Emerson Masonry Inc’s meticulous construction methods and choice of high-quality materials, the retaining wall will require essentially no maintenance.

Lastly, the retaining wall offers an extremely beautiful and elegant look that enhances any landscape. The multitude of materials, colors, and textures offered by Emerson Masonry Inc ensures that you can select the perfect design for your property.

Retaining Wall Types

Emerson Masonry Inc installs retaining walls in four basic types.

Gravity walls are built into the side of a landscape. They depend on their own weight to support the soil behind, and do not feature anchors or footing. They are typically sloped slightly to lean back toward retained soil.

Cantilevered walls feature an inner steel framework which acts as a beam, and has footings below frost depth. Due to this framework, they require less material than the traditional gravity wall.

Piling walls are ideal for soft soil or small locations. Planks are driven quite deeply into the ground to reinforce these walls.

Anchored walls feature anchors or cables into the soil behind the wall. Any wall type can be built to include anchoring. This is optimal for high load areas or where walls are necessarily thin.

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